Benifits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga For 5000 years, yoga’s physical and mental powers have been touted by hardcore yoga practitioners. It is true that adding few yoga poses to your daily routine can help your health in many unexpected ways. Physically, yoga helps in improving endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. Mentally, it teaches you how to survive […]

Yoga Poses

Five Best Yoga Poses for the Beginners There are certain yoga poses which you can practice for improving the quality of your life. In this article, we have gathered up some of the best yoga poses for the beginners which you can practice at home. Adding these yoga poses to your daily routine will help […]

Yoga for Begainners

Yoga for Beginners: Poses, Tips, Workouts and Benefits   Yoga for beginners means starting right at the beginning – ‘a very good place to start’!   We’ve all heard of yoga; we know it’s kind of exercises – we’ve no doubt seen people carrying their yoga mats to class, and now, with the New Year […]